At the beginning, there were four of us: Karina, Justyna, Joanna and Michał Czarnecki. We met during photo workshops led by Monika Szewczyk as part of the Open University of Warsaw. We became friends who motivated and supported each other, but after some time we decided to create something together. In the autumn of 2016, our first „(nie) codzienne” exhibition took place, which inaugurated Flaneurs Photo Collective. Soon after, Michał Orliński joined us, and recently, after our meeting in Cracow, we met with Krzysztof, who quickly convinced us that he was a perfect match for our team.

For us, the collective is above all an opportunity to exchange opinions and group work on specific topics. We would like to not only draw on each other’s experience, but also create materials whose finalization could be unattainable by acting alone.

The name of the collective comes from the French word flaneur. This is a literary and philosophical term taken from the work of Baudelaire. It means a tramp, a stroller, a watchful observer who treats the streets like boards of a theater. It is unobtrusive and remains in the shade. “See without being seen. See more, different. “- this is our motto.

In photography, we are most interested in man and his relationship with public space. We share a passion for street photography and a humanistic approach to the subject being photographed. Like tramps blended into an anonymous crowd, penetrating streets and recording scenes in which unconscious passers-by play the main roles. This is what we are looking for in the city where we live and wherever fate throws us. In addition to street photography, we deal with documentary photography and photojournalism, we implement individual, long-term projects, organize workshops and meetings.