Joanna Grochala

I was born in 1964 in Warsaw. I live there till today and I’m working in an advertising agency as a copy editor and copy writer. I started to take photographs after I had sustained an injury, which had prevented me from dancing, which was my passion of life. I was always interested in storytelling – in my work I use worlds, and after hours, for a change – I use pictures. To get some knowledge about photography I’ve taken part in many workshops and training courses, both theoretical and practical. My favourite kinds of photography are document, photojournalism and street. Back in the day I thought that photos, which show emotions, are the best of all… Now I prefer those, which bring us emotions. I also have been working on long-term projects, among others in Romania and Ukraine. In 2016 with three of my friends we established Flaneurs Photo Collective.


2017/10 – Grand Prix of the contest “Mokotów now!” for documental project “Sense not found. The story of Mordor, Warsaw”
2017/05 – finalist of street photo contest organized by Polish Street Photography “Polska ulicznie”
2017/06 – the winner of the 4 th edition of DEBUTS, the unique platform searching for the most talented
emerging photographers
2016/04 – 2 nd prize in all-Poland contest “Poland – the contrasts”
2014/09 – 2 nd prize in Portal Warszawski contest “Dissonances and altercations in Warsaw”


2014/10 – “Different faces of Warsaw”, collective exhibition organized by ZPAF, Warsaw, Poland