Justyna Zawadzka

Born in Warsaw. Here I live and work, although I spent my childhood in the charming town of Radzymin near Warsaw. My interest in photography has been going on for many years. One could say – a permanent relationship. A passion that I owe a lot to. In difficult times, it is a mainstay for me, it allows me to take a distance. I develop it and cherish it constantly, successively participating in various classes and workshops (many of them take place at the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw, at the ZPAF or at other Masters of the field). I photograph life, preferably people. Everywhere. Photography is a magical medium that allows you to tell stories, moves both me and the viewer into boundless spaces, bending and stopping time. I am inspired not only by photography icons, but also people around me, the changing moods of people passing by, often a touch of light …
Apart from reading pictures stopped by press of a shutter, I love painting. I can stare for hours at works painted with a brush.

Individual and group exhibitions

2015/06 – Wystawa w Areszcie Śledczym, ul. Rakowiecka, Warsaw, Poland
2015/03 – “W tyłu”. Documentary about Ukraine.  Biuro Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich w Warszawie, Poland
2015/02 – “Jarmark rodzinny”. An exhibition with jailed persons and their families. Areszt Śledczy, ul. Rakowiecka, Warsaw, Poland
2014/12 – “Street Foto. Wiele twarzy Warszawy”, Stara Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw, Poland
2014/10 –  Ukraine. Dokumentary. Szkoła Społeczna Bednarska, ul. Raszyńska, Warsaw, Poland