Karina Krystosiak

I’m a Warsawian, photographer and curator, improviser, woman of many talents. A volcano of ideas and positive energy. Photography is my great love, which absorbed me the rest in 2013. It happened during workshops at the University of Warsaw with Monika Szewczyk and the proposal to take part in Galeria Jabłkowscy. From that moment, the passion deepens and transforms into a “serious relationship”. I am gradually completing my knowledge and gaining experience at subsequent workshops and cooperating in organizing photo exhibitions and competitions, including from Fujifilm Polska or Polish Street Photography. I am most interested in people photography, reportage, documentary, street photography and, for some time, theater photography. Professionally deals in real estate photography. In the pictures I am looking for not obviousness in what is simply, but also the beauty of simply situations, emotions, humor, everything that is human. I work with single frames, and I try to build longer stories.

Individual exhibitions

2016/04 – “Si Senior – Let’s go on the dance floor”, National Library, Warsaw, Poland

Group exhibitions

2017/09 – “Urban 2017”, street photography category, Leniviec, Warsaw, Poland
2016/09 – “Urban 2017”, street photography category, Airport Triest, Triest, Itlay
2012/12 – “Wiele twarzy Warszawy”, Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw, Poland
2011/12 – “Co Warszawiacy noszą?”, Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw, Poland
2010/05 – “Najlepsze zdjęcie prezentowane w Galerii Braci Jabłkowskich (Fotomistikon.pl)”, Galeria Jabłkowskich, Warsaw, Poland

Organised exhibitions

2017/05 – “Polska Ulicznie”, Galeria Jabłkowskich, Warsaw, Poland
2017/09 – “Urban 2017”, Superiore, Warsaw, Poland
2017/09 – “Szymon Szcześniak we współpracy z Fujifilm Polska”, Galeria Jabłkowskich, Warsaw, Poland
2017/10 – “Street Calls” Wystawa kolektywu Streetical we współpracy z Fujifilm Polska”, Galeria Jabłkowskich, Warsaw, Poland
2017/12 – „Kwiat Ar-Rakki” Michał Zieliński we współpracy z Fujifilm Polska, Galeria Jabłkowskich, Warsaw, Poland
2016/05 – “Polska Ulicznie”, Galeria Jabłkowskich, Warszawa; Fotofestiwal Łódź, Poland
2014/04 – “Dryf”, Adam Gut, JCC, Cracow, Poland
2014/09 – “Dysonanse i kłótnie warszawskie”, Portal Warszawski, Galeria Jabłkowksich, Warsaw, Poland


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METRO WARSZAWA Internet 2015/01


It is for me to wander around the world, meet with what is here and now. An unusual moment in what is simple, but also the beauty of averyday moments, simple stories, a bit of melancholy… In street photography, I also like humor. This kind of positive anecdotality. A funny coincidence.