Michał Orliński

I live in Warsaw and I’m interested in photography for a long time but started dealing with it in 2014. I try to show my vision of the present world. In my work I present everyday life, fleeting moments, places that we pass every day. Recently, I became a member of Flaneurs Photo Collective and a photographer at FORUM Polish Photographers Agency.

Group exhibitions

2017/07 – „World Street Photography 4”, Gudberg Nerger, Hamburg, Germany
2017/07 – „Urban & Human Empathy 2017”, Dom Literatury, Łódź, Poland
2017/03 – „Wystaw się w CSW”, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej, Toruń, Poland
2017/01 – „DEBUTS 2016”, Press Photo Expo 2017, Warszawa, Poland
2016/06 – „DEBUTS 2016, Fotofestiwal, Łodź, Poland


2017/07 – „World Street Photography 4” Book (link)
2017/07 – “Urban & Human Empathy” Vol. 1, Exhibit Around (link)
2016/06 – „DEBUTS 2016” (link)


2017/06 – “Michał Orliński From Warsaw Tells Us How To Sharpen Senses On Street Photography”, www.121clicks.com (link)